lives and works in Berlin

The first act of a homo sapiens lies far in the past. Impossible to identify the exact point in time by archaeologists or anthropologist through relicts or reconstruction. However, as the acting and emotions became subject to materialistic and conceptualist forming, the latter scientist are able to describe possible paths homo sapiens took over time with regard to several dimensions of existence. Bernhard Holaschke examines with his art the relationship of the findings of the former described scientists with the avantgarde and contemporary making of these psychological / physical ideas and relicts. Evoking emotions depends on perceptional matters. As the emotional constitution of the homo sapiens did not quite change over time due to the slow process of physical evolution in the human case, the spiritual and mind creations changed immensely. The artist discloses the relationship between relicts of the path of history to their modern counterparts. These relicts represent symbols or witnesses of perceptions of their respective times.
How much trust should we base on our perception? So the symbols changed but the emotions stayed the same? The artist does not answer these questions but unveils the relationship by confrontation and composition. His work evokes emotions with a particular weight on fear, laughter, irritation and surprise.

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